Client Testimonials

Young lad with hat


“Although at the time I first came to DAPL I was under the care of social work, I referred myself to DAPL. I did this because I recognised that because of alcohol abuse my life was going down a road that I did not want to go and I wanted to do something about it.

The issues that I came with have been addressed sufficiently to enable me to reduce my alcohol intake.

My counsellor has provided me with a clear plan of action to meet my needs. Coming once each week, at the same day and time, with a jointly agreed action plan, we have discussed my alcohol intake and issues at each session.

I have always been treated with courtesy and sincere concern. Being able to talk about my concerns on a regular basis has helped me to see more clearly what encourages me to drink to excess and what helps me to lessen my intake.

I am now more organised in my daily life and where in the past I would have neglected important financial payments they are now dealt with as soon as I get my money.

I have been encouraged by a structure that is now part of my life. I would recommend DAPL to anyone.”


“I was referred to DAPL from FIRST. I was given a superb welcome. I appreciated being able to come each week and speak to my counsellor, knowing that DAPL is a safe place and anything I said would not be repeated.

At one of my first sessions we talked about a mutually agreeable action plan to meet my needs. I knew that I could not continue drinking to the extent I had been doing for many years. I felt really cared for at DAPL. This has been a crucial point in enabling me to slowly reduce my alcohol intake.

I feel that I am on the right track and one that I have wanted to be on for some time, but prescribed medication has prevented that.
Being able to open up and talk about problems in my life,right from an early age, has been an immense help. I am amazed at how good the staff at DAPL have been.

I felt so relaxed and at ease when I was there. I would certainly recommend DAPL to anyone I know because of how it continues to help me. In fact I would highly recommend DAPL.”


“The problems that I came to DAPL with have/are being addressed well by working with my counsellor on a weekly basis. At my first meeting we discussed a plan to meet my needs in addressing my problems. Coming to DAPL has helped me to be more determined to change. Counselling has helped me to remain positive.

Working with DAPL, Addiction Services and FIRST has given me a good support structure in my daily life. I would tell anyone that I know who is struggling with problems related to drugs or alcohol to give DAPL a go. I am sure they too would get good support and understanding with no prejudice.”


“I came to DAPL for support and to have more knowledge about the effect of drugs as my son and partner are both addicts. I have been welcomed with warmth, respect, and openness. This has encouraged me to be honest and open at my weekly meetings. Throughout my time at DAPL I have been able to look at the “games” that I get hooked into at times for one reason or another, often despite my best efforts to stand back. I look forward to my weekly meetings to have time to talk and be listened to. I am sure that anyone coming to DAPL would have the same good support.”

Adult Client

“I was advised to go to counselling by my GP due to my dependency on alcohol. At first, I was slightly sceptical because I wondered how someone who I had never met would possibly know why I was drinking so heavily or how I felt. Well I was in for a surprise!

My counsellor was friendly and sympathetic to my situation. Being able to talk to someone who will not judge you for your addiction is wonderful. When you talk to them – even if you are rambling – they will help you work through your way of thinking so that it makes sense. It changes your whole outlook on life and helps you deal with everyday life without using your addiction as a crutch. I would recommend counselling to anyone with an addiction problem. It helps!”


“Coming to DAPL, having reached “Rock Bottom” in my life, the only way forward for me was up and I was determined to start a new chapter in my life. I had decided before ringing the “doorbell” at DAPL that my life would be different from now on. Counselling has been particularly good as I have had a regular slot to talk through my feelings and thoughts and be supported with the challenges in my life.

The contract/plan that I discussed with my counsellor has been a positive factor so far on this journey. At our weekly sessions I have been open and honest and able to discuss anything with my counsellor.

I have always been treated with courtesy and respect with anyone that I have met at DAPL.

I am now more able to negotiate between my partner and myself, so that both our needs are taken into account. Before counselling these discussions with my partner would mostly have turned into aggressive arguments between us. With colleagues at work I am more able to assert myself than in the past.

To avoid the cravings for alcohol intake, especially at the weekend, I now think ahead to what might be happening at the coming weekend and decide how I could be occupied, thus staying clear of alcohol zones in my life and, more often than not, having the satisfaction of seeing a necessary task being completed at home.

As I sort out the chaos within myself I would recommend DAPL to anyone as this is a safe place to bring any problems in your life. During the times that I have been at DAPL, there have been numerous occasions where I have felt pulled back in my life to lapse and relapse. My motivation, and the support of DAPL, has been a strength at these times. For counselling to be beneficial you may have to wholeheartedly want to change your life.”

17 year old female

“I have really enjoyed working with my worker over the last 2 ½ years. She has helped me get through so much. I can honestly say that I feel like I can really open up to her and tell her everything. It is really good to know there is someone I can talk to and have a laugh with too. I am very grateful for that.”

42 year old, Rosyth

“Going to DAPL was the best thing I ever did. When I look back on my life, how it was then to how it is now then the difference is huge. I’m now no longer using, I’m working again and my family life has improved so much. DAPL is a great place to go to and I am positive there will be loads of stories just like mine.”

14 year old, Glenrothes

“I like seeing my counsellor at school. She has helped me. My confidence has definitely got a lot better.”

Leven Smart Group participant

“SMART is a valid service that has provided me with a support network and an understanding of my addiction and how to deal with urges when they arise. It has given me a better understanding of other peoples addictions and how they deal with them.”

Male, aged 15, Cupar

“I was drinking at the weekends and got into a bit of bother so I went to see a DAPL counsellor. It has been really good and I’ve stopped getting into trouble now.”

Female, aged 16, Cowdenbeath

“I have really enjoyed working with my worker. She has supported me cope with lots of stuff in my life.”

I was advised to go to counselling by my GP due to my dependency on alcohol. At first, I was slightly sceptical because I wondered how someone who I had never met would possibly know why I was drinking so heavily or how I felt. Well I was in for a surprise!

Adult Service Client