Referral Procedure

Counsellers hand holding a pen

Referrals can be made to us by phone, email, fax or by person.

Who can make an referral?

Anyone can make a referral for themselves or another person, providing the person being referred knows that the referral is being made and is happy for the referral to be made.

What happens next?

The service uses an appointment system. The clients‘ first meeting with one of the project workers will be a general assessment in order to find out what help they are seeking and if we are the appropriate agency to help.

Where does this take place?

Initial assessment sessions will take place in a DAPL base or an appropriate venue, e.g. social work dept, health centre and will take no more than thirty minutes.

Do have to be drug/alcohol free?

As far as possible, the clients are encouraged to be “drug free” other than prescribed medication during initial assessment and subsequent sessions so that they can participate fully and derive maximum benefit. 

The referral process is simple and we require minimum information at this point to enable a referral to be made.

My experience over the past 6 years is that DAPL is a very accessible and flexible service sensitive to the needs of the population.

Dr Judith M Burgess, Consultant Psychiatrist, NHS Fife