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Recovery Service for Adults

Choose Recovery

Recovery is about you deciding what you want from your life and your recovery and being supported to get it.

Whilst counselling is the largest aspect of the service, DAPL also offers other forms of support such as advice and awareness talks.

The organisation also employs a dedicated recovery worker who has a leading role in facilitating and organising Smart Recovery groups in Fife. These meetings focus on addictive behaviour and setting present and future goals. Further the organisation also runs a family support group for those affected by another’s addiction.

For over fifteen years, DAPL has additionally provided service users with the opportunity to receive ear acupuncture. Provided by appropriately qualified workers acupuncture has proven to be very beneficial for lots of people. Participants often report that they feel an increase in mental clarity and focus, self-esteem and general well-being.


Making an appointment with DAPL is a simple process