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Children, Young People and Families

Available throughout Fife

Fife's School Counselling Service

The Children, Young People and Families (CYP & F) service is here to support young people who live in Fife and are of age to attend Primary 6 or Primary 7, and for anyone who is of age to attend secondary school.

This includes those who are home educated or on a reduced school timetable, as well as those who are attending school.

Most of our sessions are provided in school.

We offer support at the additional and intensive levels within Fife’s framework of support:

We accept referrals for a range of issues including:

Our service is confidential. This means we don’t share what you talk about unless you want us to or you tell us something that might put you or someone else at risk.

Sometimes it’s good to have a space just for you to talk about what’s troubling you. This doesn’t mean we can’t speak to your parents or carer if you want us to.

We can also offer some space to provide information and support to parents, carers and other professionals.

Key information:

·        You need to agree to a referral being made

·        You need to come to sessions or we will close your file

·        If you’re ill, let your counsellor know

·        If you can’t make your session, please let your counsellor know


Making an appointment with DAPL is a simple process