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Young Peoples Counselling & Art Therapy

A BACP Accredited Counselling Service

DAPL supports young people affected by their own or another’s substance use by providing: counselling, groupwork and substance awareness talks. Secondary school children suffering from psychological disorders can also access counselling from DAPL in their school.

All of our counsellors working with young people are qualified psychotherapists with experience of working in a wide range of settings.

All the secondary schools and many primary schools in Fife refer pupils to our service.

Brief interventions, motivational interviewing,and mindfulness are all great low-level interventions that people can deliver with the minimum of training. They can promote good mental health and support wellbeing. They are not however effective in safely or successfully managing more complex issues.

Counselling provides the space for people to deal with the more complex and damaging aspects of their life -issues that can’t be addressed in a worksheet or an online app.

DAPL offer counselling and art therapy in Glenrothes High School as well as advising on drug related interventions, upskilling both teachers and parents on the causes and ways of tackling drug use and distress among young people.
DAPL’s practice is based in thorough examination of evidence around how to target interventions.
We are extremely grateful for the work DAPL do and value their advice and guidance immensely.


Gavin Waterston, Deputy Rector, Glenrothes High School


Making an appointment with DAPL is a simple process