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Children, Young People and Families

A BACP Accredited Counselling Service

DAPL provides the school counselling service across Fife schools. As well as providing support to young people who are impacted by a range of emotional and psychological issues we continue to support those who are affected by their own or another’s substance use.
All of our counsellors working with young people are qualified psychotherapists with experience of working in a wide range of settings.
All the secondary schools and many primary schools in Fife refer pupils to our service.
Brief interventions, motivational interviewing,and mindfulness are all great low-level interventions that people can deliver with the minimum of training. They can promote good mental health and support wellbeing. They are not however effective in safely or successfully managing more complex issues.
Counselling provides the space for people to deal with the more complex and damaging aspects of their life -issues that can’t be addressed in a worksheet or an online app.
DAPL offer counselling and art therapy in Glenrothes High School as well as advising on drug related interventions, upskilling both teachers and parents on the causes and ways of tackling drug use and distress among young people.
DAPL’s practice is based in thorough examination of evidence around how to target interventions.
We are extremely grateful for the work DAPL do and value their advice and guidance immensely.


Gavin Waterston, Deputy Rector, Glenrothes High School

Parents & Carers of School aged Children Who are Affected by Their Children’s Drug & Alcohol Use

Finding out that your child is drinking alcohol or using drugs can provoke a range of reactions. It can be hugely stressful, humiliating or confusing.
For some people it comes as an unexpected blow. Something that they have never considered being an issue that would affect their family. For others it’s part of everyday live and they struggle to see what the problem is.
For some parents this will already be a source of incredible stress that they have been dealing with for a long time.
DAPL can provide counselling consultation sessions for parents/carers to explore the emotional and practical challenges that might arrive when our children’s substance use is problematic. Once you make the referral you will be offered a counselling session with a qualified and experienced member of our counselling team.
Following the initial meeting we will contact you to offer the options of further sessions, specific information, signposting to other supports and just to check in how you’re doing and how you’ve found the service.
As you will see from the referral form you can select your preference of how we meet. Face to face, telephone or via an online platform. Whichever way you choose to connect, we provide a confidential and non-judgement service. Sometimes people just need more information. Others need to explore how their children have arrived at this point.
In addition to counselling we will be able to offer:
·       Information on services
·       Up to date and relevant information on drug trends
·       Alcohol information and strategies on reducing harm
·       Harm reduction and overdose prevention information for a range of drugs
DAPL was founded by parents who faced the trauma of losing their children to drug and alcohol use. Their hope and aim was to ensure that other parents didn’t face similar challenges alone and that we do everything we can to reduce, avoid and prevent similar traumas damaging other families.
Our service is free, does not require a GP or specialist referral and does not commit you to any course of treatment or involvement of other agencies.
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Making an appointment with DAPL is a simple process